"Those who do these things shall never be moved."

Reflections by Annette Roux, Retired Pastoral Associate

"Those who do these things shall never be moved." - Psalm 15:5

If someone told you how to be more effective in your work for a more just and peaceful world, would you do it? If someone gave you a roadmap to the very center of the heart of God, would you follow it?

Our scriptures are filled with hard sayings—some that are hard to understand, others that are harder still to do. But Psalm 15 is pretty straightforward in its description of what makes for a good life, an unshakeable peace, and a home in God's heart:  A passion for justice, a commitment to truth-telling, a concern for the welfare of others that shapes everything from what we say to how willingly we share, a resistance to evil, a proper humility before God, and integrity in all our dealings.  Find an interpretation of Psalm 15 that works for you and put it someplace where it will set your weary heart to singing.  We shall not, we shall not be moved. 


Prayer: Holy God, I want to be one of those people who make the world better just by being here. I want to be more like you.