Lenten Reflection

Reflections by Annette Roux, Retired Pastoral Associate

As the season of Lent approaches, our thoughts turn to the Death and Resurrection of Christ. We might even ask the question, “Why did Christ die on the Cross? Jesus died on the cross to show us what love truly looks like in action. His death did not scrub us clean of the sins we would commit in the future, or give us a “free for all” pass to do whatever we want. His death is not an excuse for our sins.   We are still held responsible for the sins we commit. At the end, each of us will have to pay for our deeds and there is no way around that. We are responsible for the totality of our actions. Jesus dying on the cross was a sacrifice He made for us. Him doing so gave us the opportunity to ask forgiveness for our sins. We only have a pathway to heaven because of the loving sacrifice that Jesus made for the world. We are still responsible for what sins we commit, but by turning to Jesus we now have a way to take that weight off our shoulders.

God is love, and the most important lesson that Jesus teaches us is that when we act in unloving ways, we distance ourselves from God. When asking yourself if something you do would be considered a sin, you should ask yourself if the action comes from a place of love. If it doesn’t, then it’s pulling you further away from living like Jesus. Jesus did die to save us from our sins, but it wasn't a moment that wiped us clean from all responsibility. Jesus' death showed us just how amazing God's love is for us. He gave us an opportunity to escape the evils of the world and be reunited with our Father in heaven. Jesus’ death paved that avenue for us.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, during the coming Lenten season, let me show my gratitude to You for the sacrifice You made for me by turning away from sin.   Amen