All of God lives fully in Christ

Reflections by Annette Roux, Retired Pastoral Associate

All of God lives fully in Christ (even when Christ was on earth). And in him you have a full and true life. - Colossians 2:9-10a


The word integrity has roots in the word integrate, which generally means to bring parts together into a whole.  When we think of the word integrity, we sometimes default to the first definition given by Merriam-Webster—“the quality of being honest and fair”—rather than the second definition in the same dictionary—“the state of being complete or whole.”  Living with integrity allows us to experience the peace and joy that emerge with overcoming dividedness in its many forms in our lives.  It does not mean living without mistakes or bad decisions or struggles.  It isn’t easy to live with integrity, especially when we come face-to-face with parts of ourselves that are disappointing or not quite what we’d like.


Each and every day is an opportunity to actively grow into who God continues to create us to be.  We’re called to live with integrity, to bring forth all of who we are toward wholeness.  So, let’s be honest and fair with ourselves and with each other.  Let’s open up to how God is drawing us toward true integration within and among each self, attending to the divine presence embedded in every part of Creation.  Because to live a full life is to allow God to live fully in us.


Prayer:  Deliver us from dividedness, internally and externally.  Invite us fully into the beautiful struggle of living with integrity.  Amen.