St. Stephen Catholic Church

We are a small, but vibrant, Catholic community located in the hills behind Palos Verdes Shopping Center in Walnut Creek.

St Stephen Church pursues the mission of Christ as revealed in the gospels.  Through the Holy Spirit, God imparts to the people of the parish wisdom and guidance for this pursuit.  The mission of Christ never changes, but its expression may change with place and time, from parish to parish and from person to person, reflecting the diversity and changing character of the People of God.  Since the early days of our parish and continuing to today, our parishioners have a strong lay involvement.  The people of St. Stephen are serving the community through service to ministries ranging from Liturgical committees, Pastoral committees, Finance committees, St. Vincent de Paul, Peace & Justice, Religious Education, Welcoming committees, Visiting committees, and Social activities.  We encourage our people to share their talents within the community of St. Stephen Church.


On April 23, 2023, we merged with Christ the King in Pleasant Hill, CA. creating Christ the King-St. Stephen Parish.  Founded in 1951, Christ the King has a reputation for excellent liturgy with well-prepared homilies, outstanding adult education programs, an exceptional school and religious education program, and an array of active ministries that address both parish and community needs, especially those of the poor and marginalized.  Both churches operate as one, but with separate worship sites