From The Office of Faith Formation
8/18/2018 10:32:46 AM
Aug. 18 - 19, 2018

"As the deer longs for the flowing streams, so my soul longs for you my God." - Psalm 42

Have you ever reconnected with someone who haven’t spoken to or communicated with in many years? Did you find that it seemed like no time had passed at all and that you really missed this person? And this person really missed you? God misses us in the same way and longs to hear from us. Our souls long for God when we neglect intentional time with Him, but God also longs for us. God misses us just as we miss others we have lost contact with. When we take time to be alone with God, in prayer, in meditation, not just taking a hike in nature but setting aside time for a hike in nature with God, something different happens. Not only does God's heart dance for joy at our intentional journey that dares reach beyond itself toward the ineffable God, but so does our own heart. Spend five intentional minutes with God today: in prayer, Bible study, a nature walk or run, yoga, the rosary, golf—whatever . . . .  Intentionally set aside 5 minutes with God today. See what happens. It's not what you do, but that you do it intentionally that matters. (Here's a bonus: Do the same for the one or someone you love today—take five intentional minutes!) I'm expecting miracles! Are you?

Prayer: O God, perhaps without realizing it, I've been longing for intentional time alone with you. Funny, I never thought about how much you might have actually missed me, too. I don't want to wait until a crisis brings us together. Help me set aside five intentional minutes . . . today. I love you. Amen.

Annette Roux, Pastoral Associate

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