From the office Annette Roux, Pastoral Associate
3/25/2018 11:25:00 PM
Mar. 24 - 25, 2018

“I want to know Christ and the power for His resurrection.”  - Philippians 3:10

The Passion Narrative we read today on Palm Sunday says that Jesus was stripped of his clothes. We don’t know if he looked them in the eye when they undid his belt. What we do know is this: it was the worst possible death for a Jew. Not because the flesh is sinful, but because the body is holy – made in the image of God. Yet, each morning we clothe ourselves with expensive garments, schedules, meetings and plans. We cover our anxieties with accessories, our fears with fashion. We arm ourselves with expectations for ourselves and others. Today, begin to open yourself to the reality of who you really are. Say no to the impossible expectations we place on ourselves and others. Dare to confront the way we physically and emotionally bear the marks of time.  Because then and only then, will we become more like Christ – made vulnerable, open to the wounds of the world; and yes, also the wonders. Do this, and you will see yourself again for the first time – the image of God made flesh, redeemed.  Reborn.

Prayer: God, strip me of my insecurities and my needs and clothe me instead with the knowledge that this stranger in the mirror is really me.  And therefore, really You! Help me to embrace that person today, instead of covering up.   Amen

Annette Roux, Pastoral Associate

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